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- Togo the power on the Karen Millen eve of events
- Closed educational center: Karen Millen report on confidential Delarue Thierville
- Say that the secret Karen Millen notes of the DCRI on Mohamed Merah?

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 Togo the power on the Karen Millen eve of events Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The Togolese opposition to the government has called the people down in the capital to protest Tuesday,Karen MillenWednesday and Thursday. Togo is facing many tensions ahead of parliamentary elections, scheduled for October. A tense pending elections For several months, the Collective "Save Togo",Karen Millen Coatswhich consists of nine civil society organizations and seven political parties and movements of opposition organizes events, often dispersed by the police. "Save Togo" demands the departure of President Faure Gnassingbe,karenmillenm.cominstalled in power by the army after the death of his father, General Gnassingbe Eyadema, who ruled the country with an iron fist from 1967 to 2005. Faure Gnassingbe won the 2005 presidential and 2010, results disputed by the opposition. Women's group had even called the Togolese late August to observe a week of "sex strike" to force men to become more involved with them. On September 15,Karen Millen Dresses Saledozens of people armed with clubs and machetes prevented the holding of a demonstration of the Collective causing sporadic clashes in which police had not intervened. At least forty people were injured, according to officials of the Collective, who accused the party of militia power. These incidents denounced by the international community has expressed its "deep concern" testify to the tense atmosphere prevailing in Togo before parliamentary elections, scheduled for October, but should be postponed. "It is finished go to the polls to give pleasure to accompany a diet fraudster to please the West. It is finished," the ton against Jean-Pierre Fabre, Karen Millen head of the National Alliance for Change (ANC), Faure Gnassingbé opponent in the 2010 presidential election. Supporters of President Faure Gnassingbé ensure that the government decided to take real action for change, but it can only be achieved progressively, in a country where the military plays a significant role. Street Togolese especially concerned about the economic situation In the street Togolese there is less talk of political reform and limitation of presidential mandates that improving everyday life events have also fueled the economic situation in Togo, a poor country facing a decline in production cotton and stagnation of the phosphate industry. "If the economy improves, Karen Millen Coats we do not care about who is the president," said Lo?c Kuegah Toyo, 25 years in the shop of mobile phones of his brothers, in the district of Déckon in Lomé. "We just want to eat." Protests planned Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, could give places to incidents as they take place in Déckon a place frequented Lomé, where gatherings are prohibited. Karen Millen Dresses Sale The government has banned all demonstrations in places with strong commercial activity of the city, citing risks to public safety.

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 Closed educational center: Karen Millen report on confidential Delarue Thierville Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

[Exclusive] From the interview granted by Christiane Taubira August release,Karen Millenthe issue of closed educational centers (CEF) has become explosive. The Minister of Justice seemed both highly critical of the CEF and undermine the objective of Fran?ois Hollande double their number ... prior to rectify this in a statement. There remains the distinct impression that with the new government,Karen Millen Salethe CEF have trouble to do. But then, in this case, it has not been there before CEF and CEF. Only a small minority of them belong to the public sector, while others are managed by the voluntary sector skill. That highlighted failures are primarily the public sector,http://www.karenmilleny.comwhere many officers are in training or disease. The "occupancy" is also quite different (the number of young offenders compared to the number of places): about 70% in the public sector and almost 80% in authorized voluntary sector. "An example of educational support structured and efficient" Jean-Marie Delarue,Karen Millen OnlineComptroller General of places of deprivation of liberty, unexpectedly visited the CEF Thierville-sur-Meuse from 28 to 30 September 2010. Karen Millen In its conclusions confidential report of 45 pages sent to Attorney Christiane Taubira April 24, 2012, Karen Millen Sale Delarue rather praise: "The CEF Thierville-sur-Meuse is an example of educational support structured and efficient as reassuring for juveniles than for adults who surround them. " To date, Karen Millen Online the Minister of Justice has not yet responded to the Comptroller General of places of deprivation of liberty. Suddenly, the report on the CEF has not been published.

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 Say that the secret Karen Millen notes of the DCRI on Mohamed Merah? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Mohamed Merah would he have been stopped earlier?Karen MillenThis is to answer this question the Department of the Interior agreed to declassify documents last Friday of the DCRI classified defense secrets. Le Parisien has purchased the 23 pages of written reports on Toulouse. "Islamo-offender", "offender phase of radicalization," "a threat" ... scooter the killer, known inside the intelligence services since 2009, was a "prime target" of the agency. A family follow: "a sibling of Islamo-offenders" The name of Mohamed Merah appears for the first time in the files of the DCRI in December 2009.Karen Millen OutletThe note focuses on "the radical Salafist movement Toulouse" is more interested in his big brother Abdelkader, suspected of being the mastermind of attacks by the killer to the scooter. The latter is then to Egypt and following a religious education "focused on Jihad".karenmillenv.comHe maintains regular contact with Mohamed just out of prison. It is in the prison that will radicalize the young offender. After his release, he will participate in the "religious classes offered in the evening at his home,"Karen Millen Dressessaid the intelligence agency. A year later, he is identified by the DCRI as belonging to the "new generation" of Islamists in the region. Family Merah is itself described as "a sibling of Islamo-offenders". "Phase radicalization" Analysis will confirm that in January 2011 a new note. Karen Millen Whoever becomes the killer to the scooter has been arrested in Kandahar, Afghanistan, by local police. Although he claims that the purpose of his trip is to "visit the ruins of the Buddha statues destroyed by the Taliban," his motives are hardly in doubt. The city is indeed considered a stronghold of jihadist. This "should concern us," writes the DCRI, who's mission is "to deepen the environment" friendly and family of Mohamed Merah "an individual offender past the heavy phase of radicalization." This report will only confirm the intuition of the agents of the DCRI. Merah is described as "intense contact of the historic leader of the Salafist movement Toulouse". Karen Millen Outlet According to Le Parisien, it could be Essid Sabri, a relative of the brothers Merah. The police also discovered that he is about to leave for Pakistan but nothing will be done to prevent his departure. The fear of "armed actions" A month after his return from Pakistan - November 2011 - the future jihadist is summoned to the headquarters of the local branch of the DCRI. The minutes of the interview is not part of declassified documents, Karen Millen Dresses but a report next month indicates that the movements of Mohamed Merah in Afghanistan and Pakistan are "a direct threat (...) because young jihadists may return with instructions to conduct armed operations. " This is indeed what he will do less than three months later.

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